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Fenscape Education Room

Fenscape can offer schools the use of the Fenscape Education Room free of charge as part of their visit and this can include the following…..

Fenscape Education Packs

Education packs comprising of :-

  • Worksheets
  • Activities that can be performed at School before or after the visit, example role play and experiments.
  • Games and quizzes that will add a fun element to a visit.

The Fenscape Education Room
  • An Interactive White-Board.
  • QwizDom Interactive Voting Systems.
  • Science Equipment for experiments and activities.
  • Four on-line computers.
  • Use of The Virtual Seed ? CD Rom.
  • Interactive activities.
The Virtual Seed CD-Rom
The Virtual Seed is a CD-Rom which will be available to schools that visit Fenscape for no charge; this unique product has been written with the help of teachers and is aimed at Primary Schools. The product contains four sections, two educational and two fun related activities.

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